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Why Canadian Education and Life Skills Network?

It’s a new Canada! Respected globally. The most successful multicultural country in the world!
Canada is consistently ranked as one of the most livable nations in the world! Make Canada your home.

CELSN in association with professional organizations has developed a system of tools and mentorship programs that trains all foreign and Canadian students in Lifeskills. In today’s global economy if communication is “Half the Battle” then “Life Skills” is the most important asset that compliments academic excellence. Studies show that life skills bring remarkable benefits to the individual and positive effect on employability and wider society.

Life Skills & Assessment Network:

Not just theory! Not just books! Critical Thinking is Life Skills!

Plan to succeed and assess to see what it will take for you to get the best out of your expensive education in Canada!

CELSN’s most important goal is to make each and every student reach their optimum potential. That means having the best career and balanced family life.

A degree, even from the most reputable educational institution, does not assure or guarantee success at work and life! It must start early and simultaneously during student life – Right from the day you land in Canada!

However, early child education, good family guidance and extracurricular activities with active body & active mind can make all the difference. Warren Buffet attributes his success to “having the father he had” and “taking stock of self and blocking the rest”. Well not everyone is Warren Buffet. We may need a bit of helping hand. Not having Life Skills Training can put foreign students in a disadvantage situation than their Canadian counterparts.

Foreign students may not have the best support away from home. Valuable time does get wasted during the adjustment period in Canada. Then there is the cultural adjustments or shock? YES there is THAT for sure. It is easy to fall behind. Unless, you have all the help pre-planned and prior to your arrival into Canada.

How about 24/7 support system, regular & gentle language training, learning exceptional communication skills, assistance with social interaction or homework? Being safe and learning time management in a friendly setting and or via live skype presentations or one-on- one coaching? These certainly can make student life enjoyable and successful.

Almost all students need Life Skills Training. Those who do, get ahead in life.

We know why some foreign students struggle during school, after graduation and fail to obtain Canadian residency, yet other student do way better!

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Admission & Guidance:

Recruiting foreign students is easy. Having experienced, Canadian representatives guiding students from pre-admission help to arranging language training or figuring out what courses to take or school to choose is one of our major roles. We will process all the papers, arrange admission, get visa, find home stay and provide 24/7 support system for all of our students. Avoid unnecessary delays or rejection.

Register on line at Learn more by filling out “Foreign Student Information Form”.


Under our plan: Students will have dedicated phone line to reach us 24/7. That’s any time, day or night! We care for your safety and or support. (Just call us for FREE @ 1-844- 622-3576 & press #1. Just remember 1-844- 62-CELSN) option #1. For emergency please call 911.

Under our plan: Pathway to Canadian Citizenship gets a bit easier: We know why foreign students struggle? We start your “Pathway to Permanent Residency” from the day you arrive. We have the experts and resources being Pro-Active! Nothing is left to chance.

Under our plan: Students are enrolled under “Mentor and Mentee Program”. We believe in Not just books! Not just theories! You will learn directly from successful and experienced Canadian corporate executives, business leaders and politicians. Not when you graduate but during your “school years”! Job search and preparation is not left until after graduation! Your success is Canada’s success. We get that.

If finishing your education and finding employment and becoming permanent resident of Canada is something you may wish to pursue, then You Need Year Round Support, well-planned strategy and expert immigration consultants. Let CELSN guide you. There are strict Canadian guidelines and laws. It is done in step-by- step process. Work permit, formal application process, qualification criteria’s all require time to apply. CELSN has experts and certified Immigration consultants. We can lawfully guide you.

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Once you are our client: You will be assigned a “Personal Representative” Get a PHONE-HOTLINE to contact us anytime - 24/7 or email reply within 24 hours! We want your success.

This is how we can help you: Step ONE to step SEVEN.

1. Free Registration – Before we can assist you Please go to REGISTER TODAY on our first page: Click to register: A must for all students or Parents.

After Registration: We will contact you and send you few documents. If you are sure that you wish to either apply or just want to find out how you can study in Canada, then go to step number 2. Create an account

2. Create new student account: You will need account number to proceed to next step: Save your account number for future reference and we will send you Log-In details.
Once you have your account number we will guide you further;

3. Admission Process: After you create your account; We will send you a series of instructions, Fees & Payment Structures and required forms to fill out.
You will be ready to get admission.

4. Home Stay / Living arrangements: Before you get your visa you must satisfy certain conditions. We will guide you and complete these steps. We can make all of your arrangements to live in Canada as per your request and affordability.

5. Get visa / Student permit; Once you have secured admission and all other required steps have been meet 100% to come to Canada, we will guide you to obtain visa to come to Canada.

6. Arrive at the Airport/ Home Stay / Orientation, Etc.: We will receive you at the airport,, Help you settle, Get you orientated and Start your education program. You will have 24/7 access phone line and email guarantee.

7. Life Skills & Pathway to Canadian Residency: As they say “getting there may be the easy part” – becoming successful may require “Life Skills”.
You will need special Language training (regardless of your English proficiency), Cultural Adjustments, Grooming, Communication skills, Get Employment and earn “Government Points” to get a “Pathway to Canadian Residency” followed by Canadian citizenship. CELSN will tailor-cut your personalized program.

• All of your education may mean little if you do not get Life Skills Training. Every country/ society / corporate world has certain expectations from you. We have seen most foreign students may not meet Canadian standards. You MUST meet these expectations and or Criteria’s or you will NOT achieve complete success. CELSN is in this to make you successful. We are a Canadian company. We understand how to succeed in Canada and globally.

Please Note:
CELSN must follow strict PAYMENT guidelines to meet Government of Canada Laws and Regulations. Rules against Money Laundering and Unlawful transfer of funds into Canada is punishable by law.
We will be totally transparent and create a complete ACCOUNTING PROFILE of each and every client/student.

• We will give you a complete account breakdown / update and or spread sheet with description of ALL of your charges.